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Sponsor: Joy Kohne
The goal of anime club is simply to have fun and find people with common interests. We will watch and discuss a variety of topics (including webtoon, manga, gaming and vocaloid), have ship wars and other fun activities.

Sponsor: Hanae Nakamura
Asian Culture Club is a group of students interested in sharing their own experiences and learning about different Asian countries. We work to enrich the Harriton community and help our members become more globally-minded. During club meetings we discuss cultural events and traditions, cook, watch movies, and participate in school events! This club is a great experience for everyone!

Sponsor: Todd Curyto and Megan McDermott
Harriton buildOn serves both locally and globally. At the local level we provide thousands of hours of service in the greater Philadelphia region. We clean up parks, deliver food to disadvantaged populations and work at animal shelters among others. Globally, we have fundraised between $65,000 and $90,000 every year to take 15 students to build a school in a remote village in some of the poorest countries in the world. To visit the BuildOn website, click here.

Adult Advisor: Mr. Busza
Student Leaders: Miles Gee ([email protected]) and Noah Braunfeld ([email protected])
Computer Science Club is a student-led club that holds meetings teaching the theory and application of computer science with topics such as lambda calculus and object oriented programming. The club also does collaborative projects to apply skills learned. View the schedule at

Sponsor: Bonnie Perry
The Debate Team competes in the Pennsylvania High School Speech League versus 25 other area high schools. The types of debate in which we compete are: Parliamentary, Public Forum, and Lincoln-Douglas. Students learn to write debate briefs, develop arguments, research topics, and use evidence, refutation, rebuttal, and public speaking skills. The topics are drawn from current events and change monthly to give students a wide variety of experience and knowledge. We compete in local, district, and the State Championship tournament. Our season runs from October to March.

Sponsor: Rhonda Keefer
DECA is a global organization aimed at preparing Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Business. A chance to show your business skills and learn new ones.  DECA offers Leadership skills, Business Basics, Public Speaking and Improvisation skills.

Sponsor: Justin Mansor
Future Business Leaders of America is an educational association of student members preparing for careers in business or who are just simply interested in learning more about the free enterprise system. FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities, and prepare for entry into, and advancement within, a business or business-related occupation. Members learn how to engage in business enterprise, how to direct the affairs of a group, and how to compete honorably in competitive events. These activities help prepare students to be better employees and better citizens. FBLA provides innovative leadership development programs to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship.

Sponsor: Carly Koukos
Our goal for this organization is to promote the awareness and tolerance for all sexual orientation in our school and our community. We hope to encourage a more holistically aware Harriton society where all people feel accepted and we will provide a support group for those questioning their sexual orientation and who are fearful of making this known. Through various events, fundraisers, discussions, and speakers, we anticipate creating a better and more accepting environment. In addition, for promotion, we will organize a community service activity related to our cause, such as raising money for The Attic Youth Center.

Sponsor: Neil Hartley
Harriton Theater Company, HTC, puts on three productions throughout the year including a fall show, a winter one-act festival featuring student-directed short plays, and, a spring musical!

Sponsor: Michael Tudor

Harriton TV is a nationally recognized award-winning student-run news outlet committed to giving young individuals the opportunity to gain exposure and mastery to the art of journalism by engaging in important community, local and school issues. The club produces the weekly “Ram Report” broadcasted on the HHS-TV network during Advisory sets on A days. The show contains a variety of segments produced by members, including sports coverage, local and school events, and community-based entertainment.

Sponsor: Jason Bizich
HARRITON VOCAL ENSEMBLE is a select group of singers who perform everything from the classics to the contemporary including jazz and music theatre selections and styles of music. The ensemble sings in 4 to 8-part harmony (balanced soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) and usually numbers 20-25 members. Members are required to attend all concerts and practice sessions during Lunch and Learn Rehearsals

Sponsor: Josh Cooperstein

This club is an auditioned group of instrumentalists who perform and analyze jazz of various types and styles. The standard instrumentation of the Jazz Ensemble is 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxes, 1 baritone sax, drum set, bass, guitar, and piano. Members are required to attend all concerts, festivals, and rehearsals. To find more information about the group, please visit our website.

Sponsor: Peter Crooke
The Corinthian is Harriton’s journal of student -produced original writing and art. Interested and enthusiastic students meet every Wednesday after school to review and discuss one another’s stories, poems and other writings and artwork. Students come to appreciate varying points of view as they give and receive support, encouragement, and specific suggestions for improvement of each other’s work. It’s a great opportunity for growth in technique as well as in group interaction skills. The end result is the long-awaited publication of the Corinthian in May of each year, a cause for celebration and pizza-eating!

Sponsors: Lindsey Van Der Kwast and Nicole McDonnell
Math club is a student-led club where students present on important and interesting math topics that are generally not taught in school. Additionally, we compete in Purple Comet at the end of the year. We meet every other Tuesday during Learn in one of the sponsors’ rooms.

Sponsor: Chris Santa Maria
The goals of Mock Trial are to promote an understanding of the American legal system and courtroom procedure and etiquette while promoting thoughtful analysis and teamwork as students prepare a case for trial. Team members act as witnesses and attorneys as they present their case in front of a judge and jury at the Montgomery County courthouse. Mock Trial meets three times a week from December through March.

Sponsor: Peter Crooke
The Harriton Banner is the official school newspaper and serves as a Harriton community forum for the free expression of ideas. The Banner is an online daily newspaper and publishes a number of paper editions each year. Written and published by the student staff, you can reach the website at

Sponsors: Sarah Harvey
Physics Olympics is a competition between area schools using different physics and engineering concepts. Students design and build egg drop devices, mousetrap cars, electric cars and basswood bridges. The students also prepare to solve physics problems, mini-design challenges and complete lab experiences. The club meets at various times after school as it prepares for the competitions as determined by the captains and club sponsor. The next competition for this school year is Saturday, March 7.

Sponsors: Paul McKenna
Pitch Please was established in 2008 by Harriton alumni Guy Katz and Gabi Bressi. This ensemble and has become a valued component of the school’s diverse music program. Pitch Please performs pop music at both in-school and out of school concerts. Check us out on Youtube! Members are required to attend all concerts and practice sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons until 3:30pm.

Sponsors: Kim DiMattia
Project HOME Club serves to alleviate some of the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness by encouraging students to prepare holiday care packages for residents in shelters, knit scarves, donate blankets and socks, and make toiletry care packages. We work in partnership with Project HOME in Philadelphia, which provides housing, opportunities for employment, medical care, and education to the homeless population in Philadelphia.

Sponsors: Travis Lehman and Christine Kiley
Through the VEX Robotics Competitions, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, teams of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels; local champions go on to compete against the best in the world at VEX Worlds each April!

Sponsor: Andrea Wilson-Harvey
Our Mission is to promote awareness, discussion and advocacy among peer groups in the Lower Merion and Harriton school community about social justice issues that intersect with gender, such as gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, race, ethnicity, dis{ability}, sexism, sexual violence prevention and anti-bullying.The 4 pillars that are the foundation of our mission are:

  • Girls Empowerment/Leadership
  • Equity for All Groups
  • Ally-ship
  • Awareness Building

We also plan a yearly conference that promotes discussion of the Harriton & Lower Merion communities.

Sponsor: Sherry Wert
The Speech Team competes in the Pennsylvania High School Speech League versus 25 other area high schools. The types of speech in which we compete are interpretative events, such as Dramatic, Duo, and Humorous, Prose Reading and Poetry Reading. We also compete in events where students write original speeches, such as Persuasive and Informative Speaking. There are also “think on your feet” events, i.e. Extemporaneous, Commentary, and Impromptu speaking. We compete in local, district, and the State Championship tournament. Our season runs from October to March.

Sponsor: Chris Santa Maria
The purpose of the Stock Market Club is to promote an understanding of economic issues, different situations that have taken place in the market, and to remain current with business news. We enhance this experience by participating in real life stock market games and trading during market hours.

Sponsor: Chris Weaver and Tim Brockman
The Technology Student Association (TSA) enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs. As members of the nationally recognized TSA, student compete in regional, state and national competitions. Over 70 events are available for students to compete in, that all involve elements of design, hands-on problem solving, and the development of various engineering projects.

Sponsors: Jim Joseph
Meets on Tuesdays after school until 4:30 throughout the Fall and Spring. Anyone with a desire to play or learn the sport is welcome!

Sponsor: Jamison Warren
The World Affairs Club involves its members in debates, Roundtable discussions, seminars, student travel slide shows, games and simulations (Model UN) and more. A large and diverse club, it focuses on providing students with opportunities to learn through the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia and other organizations. Students can become very active with club activities and trips.

Sponsor: Robin Hernandez
The World Language Club is open to all students who have an interest in learning about countries and cultures around the world. Our goal is to promote the understanding and appreciation of global diversity, with an emphasis on language and on giving back. We explore the cuisine, everyday life, language, traditional crafts, and cinema of various countries chosen by our members. Our craft projects help raise charitable funds as a service component of the club. Our club is led by three officers, and we meet regularly after school throughout the year.

Sponsor: Laura Vogel
The purpose of the Aurora is to produce a professional publication by and for Harriton students. The yearbook staff will learn the real-life skills and responsibilities of producing a 200-page historical document. Under the advisor’s guidance, the staff will: create a theme, plan and layout every page, organize photo shoots, sell books and advertisements, write, and edit text.

Sponsor: Honora Jackson and Kate Witman
The purpose of Zenith is to represent the creative voice of Harriton students. It gives students the opportunity to showcase their artistic potential. We seek to highlight not just the visual arts at Harriton, but all creative endeavors. Zenith is a safe place, where your perspective is not only accepted, but encouraged. Our website is an all-inclusive platform, which we believe will be the key to our future success. Let’s create, express, and inspire, together!

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