Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for Dr. Harriton! Please refer to the information below to learn about our incredible tradition and the various sponsorship tiers.

Event Overview

Each year, Harriton High School Student Council puts on our well-renowned, school-wide charity talent show in late February, Dr. Harriton. The event features 10 student contestants who perform dances, talents, and other exciting acts in hopes of being crowned as the next Dr. Harriton. Dr. Harriton is the biggest event at our school, with over 1,000 attendees every year. Last year’s show was a tremendous success, raising over $35,000 for charity. We are hoping to continue this trend for Dr. Harriton 2020, our 13th annual show, by directing all proceeds from the event toward two local nonprofits: the Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund and the ESF Dream Camp Foundation. Both of these organizations aim to make education more financially accessible to young students in the greater Philadelphia Area.

Who We Support

The Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund: The Scholarship Fund provides need-based scholarships to recent graduates of LMSD’s Harriton and Lower Merion High Schools. Since its founding in 1964, the Scholarship Fund has provided over 4,000 grants to our students, totaling over $3,000,000 toward higher education. Learn more at

Philabundance: As the largest hunger relief organization in the area, Philabundance provides food to those in need in the greater Philadelphia area. In addition to providing food, Philabundance also advocates for policies that increase the accessibility of food. With a mission to drive hunger from our communities and end hunger forever, their role is more prevalent this year than ever before; the global COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on many members of our community financially, and access to food is less readily available than in normal times. Learn more at

Sponsorship Packages

Click the title of one of the various sponsorship levels below to learn about the benefits it offers!

  • Your name/your business’s name will be incorporated into the official title of the show (i.e. The 13th Annual Dr. Harriton, Sponsored by ________)
  • Your name will be incorporated into the Dr. Harriton 2020 logo, which appears on:
    • the main sign hanging down from center stage
    • 20-foot banner above the main entrance to the show
    • the cover of the program booklet handed out to all audience members
    • face of all the tickets
  • Premier recognition from the emcees throughout the show
  • 10 VIP seating tickets and 100 raffle tickets
  • VIP parking for you and your guests
  • Recognition from the emcees throughout the show
  • Two full-page advertisements in program booklet
  • Digital projection of your logo prior to the show and during intermission
  • Your name/your business’s name on a large banner at the edge of the stage that is visible throughout the entire show
  • Name at the top of List of Contributors in the program booklet
  • 5 VIP seating tickets and 50 raffle tickets
  • VIP parking for you and your guests
  • May include contestant sponsorship for no additional cost (limited availability)
  • Recognition from the emcees
  • Your name/your business’s name appears…
    • on the back of the contestant’s shirt
    • announced every time the contestant’s name is announced
    • digitally projected ad during intermission and prior to the show
    • listed on a large poster at the edge of the stage that is visible throughout the entire show
    • name on the List of Contributors in the program booklet
  • Two VIP seating tickets and 25 raffle tickets

Payment Details:

Checks can be made payable to “Harriton High School” OR, for a tax-deductible payment: Make the check payable to either the “Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund” (EIN: 23-6393335) or the “ESF Dream Camp Foundation” (EIN: 23-3045020 )

All checks can be mailed to:

Mr. Joseph DiPaul
600 North Ithan Ave.
Rosemont, PA 19010


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