We’re excited to announce your 2020 Dr. Harriton Contestants:

Mikey Kotler (Junior)
Andy Wu (Junior)
Maximos Mossaidis (Senior)
Blake Garber (Senior)
Rowan Teran (Senior)
Aidan Gallary (Senior)
Jay Ramaswamy (Senior)
Keith Scutchings (Senior)
Mikkel Andersen (Senior)
Austin Sellhorn (Senior)

This year’s Dr. Harriton committee consists of the following individuals:

Graham Branscom, President
Sam Catania, Vice President
Ellie Ferenchick, Secretary
Taylor Shinal, Treasurer
Charisma Hasan, Sergeant-at-Arms
Mr. Joseph DiPaul, Sponsor
Madison Wolfgang, Executive Director of Dr. Harriton
Niosha Parvizi, Choreographer
Sophie Weinstein, Choreographer

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