Harriton Student Council has completed it’s counting and verification of all votes for the 2020 Primary Elections. Voting was open to all 9th through 11th grade students at Harriton via a ballot emailed to them multiple times from Wednesday, April 8th at 2:45 PM to Monday, April 13th 8:00 PM.

There were 545 votes cast, 542 of which were verified to be legitimate votes.

The following candidates for Harriton Student Council officer have advanced through the primary round of elections to the general election:

PresidentNiosha Parvizi
Andy Wu
Vice PresidentCamille Fürer
Audrey Sigler
SecretaryJordan Lewis
Jade Zhu
TreasurerKaelyn Klatte
Sophie Weinstein
Sergeant-at-ArmsEli Feldman
Mikey Kotler

Note: Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

As a result of past legal precedent, Harriton Student Council is obligated to release counts of the number of votes that each candidate received. Below are the count results with the names of candidates redacted since they are minors. Each voter was able to cast up to two votes for each position.

CandidateTotal # of Valid Votes Received
Pres. Candidate 1243
Pres. Candidate 2358
Pres. Candidate 3453
VP Candidate 1187
VP Candidate 2328
VP Candidate 3350
VP Candidate 4175
Sec. Candidate 1358
Sec. Candidate 2219
Sec. Candidate 3433
Tres. Candidate 1289
Tres. Candidate 2291
Tres. Candidate 3441
SAA Candidate 194
SAA Candidate 2123
SAA Candidate 3344
SAA Candidate 4292
SAA Candidate 5178

Note: Abstaining for a particular office or only casting a singular vote for an office rather than two was an option available to voters on the ballot.

Speeches for the general election will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 28th at at time to be determined. Students should check their LMSD email for additional information in the coming weeks.

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