On Friday, May 21, 2021, Harriton Student Council premiered their 14th annual Dr. Harriton, a charity talent show. Livestreamed and shown to a limited in-person audience, Dr. Harriton raised over $15,000 ($15,294 to be exact) for the Lower Merion Township Scholarship Fund and Philabundance. The show featured 8 student contestants who performed dances, talents, and other exciting entertainments in hopes of being crowned as the next Dr. Harriton.

This year’s contestants were seniors Jonny Silverman, Evan Zales, Nicholas Biglin, Jared Markowitz, Alec Raphael, Ty Nagvajara, Josh Milrood, and Lucas Reiner. This year’s theme was “Dr. Harriton: The Interview,” where each contestant represented a different profession as they competed through talents, videos, a partner dance, a post-intermission dance, soul train, a pick-up lines and Q&A portion, and more. 

After the five faculty members who served as the judges finalized their scores, the crowd erupted in applause as Evan Zales won third place, Jonny Silverman won second place, and Ty Nagvajara took home the first place crown as the next Dr. Harriton.

As always, Dr. Harriton was completely student run. Special thanks to Andy Wu, the Student Council President, and Audrey Sigler, the Vice President, who served as the hosts for the evening; Jade Zhu, Sophie Weinstein, and Eli Feldman, the other Student Council Officers who led the organization of the event; Mikey Kotler, the Executive Director of Dr. Harriton; The Student Council Staff Sponsor, Mr. Joseph DiPaul; Adam Gilbert, the Technology Director and Webmater; and the numerous other students who helped with the show’s production and planning.

To view the video of the show, click here!

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