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For Immediate Release:

Due to the rapidly developing issues surrounding the recent outbreak and spread of COVID-19 (the coronavirus), Harriton Student Council has dedicated time and effort toward developing a plan of contingency.

Before we delve into our plan, it is necessary to note that as of now, there have been six (6) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, with two in Lower Merion Township, according to a recent update from a verified 6ABC correspondent. Given that Germantown Academy and  five schools in the Central Bucks School Districts have closed amid concerns about the spread of the virus, LMSD undergoing a similar decision to close schools is predictably not out of the question, although the school district has issued no statements that point toward that scenario. As of now, the LMSD website states that schools will still open on Monday, March 9th.

Harriton Student Council is planning to take the following steps:

  • Emailing all Student Council members a copy/link of this contingency plan, along with including more information on how they can limit the spread of false and misleading information by redirecting their peers who have any concerns about COVID-19’s effect on schools to the LMSD website
  • Holding at-least-weekly Officer meetings regarding the virus in-person and/or via video call until we believe no further action is needed
  • Working with the custodial staff to ensure that all classroom and other campus facilities are cleaned thoroughly and properly with disinfectant solution so that school is as safe as possible for students
  • Issuing statements via Harriton TV and other all-school communication mediums that encourage students to wash their hands thoroughly and in accordance with CDC recommendations
  • Discussing how to promote healthy and sanitary habits among students at our next full Student Council meeting. The exact date for the meeting is to be determined.
  • Working with Harriton Administration to ensure that if school is closed, students who are on the free or reduced lunch program will still have access to nutritional services even when not in school, and, that care will be given to ensure that out-of-school plans are inclusive of students who may not have access to WiFi and other resources at home.
  • Working with Harriton Administration to determine if changes need to be made to the upcoming HSC election to ensure that 2020-2021 HSC Officer candidates are given a fair and equal opportunity to campaign, and, that students are given a fair and equal opportunity to vote, even if the school’s schedule is altered.

If needed, we will continue to update the community regarding new information about COVID-19, especially on how it may affect Harriton and LMSD matters. Please visit the CDC’s website and for updates and further information regarding COVID-19. Additionally, we wish all families safety and health during this time.

––Harriton Student Council (March 8th, 2020 at 10:15 PM)

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